Thursday, 24 October 2013

How to add Page Jumps in Wordpress Posts.

Jump Links in HTML

Page Jumps are a feature that you might have seen on many sites all the time and must be wondering how to do that, believe me it not a difficult task, all it requires is a basic HTML knowledge and 15 minutes.

So here i will tell you how to add Page Jumps in WordPress posts or even Blogspot blogs for that matter and they apply on any thing that has HTML.

What is Page Jump ? also called Jump Break - when you click on a link to jump on the same page between different section without reloading the page again, its called page jump in HTML.

To use page Jumps you need to know about Element ids and linking to them across a Document.
These are Elements :-

<div> <p> <b> <i> <u> <h1> <h2> etc.

These can be assigned ids like <div id='tag'>, <b id='top'>, <p id='bottom'>

To Link to the across you must link to them with the Post/Page URL followed by #id, like in the Example above to link to <div id='tag'>, you must link to it like

here is a nice illustration i made for easy understanding :-

Page Jump/Jump Links in Wordpress
This Pretty much explains everything, if you still can't get it to work somehow, Ask us in Comments

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