Tuesday, 7 January 2014

First Steam Machines at CES 2014, Valve announces Partners

Digital Storm Steam Machine

CES 2014 is on, Technology Enthusiasts are salivating at each and every announcement that comes out of there, Brands going overboard with announcement and tactics, and we bring you the latest news just to satisfy that appetite.
Steam Machines/ Steam Box was the one concept that took Gamers by storm when Lord Gaben aka Gabe Newell came out with announcement some months back, we were starting to see some Prototypes and machines to be used as Steam machines, but none was as convincing and pure to be called a Steam Machine.

Now Today 7th January 2014, Valve came out with their partners and some real Machines deserving to be called Steam machines, and named some partners in crime at emptying the Gamer's Wallets today too, The some of partners that will be making Steam machines are - Digital Storm, Alienware, Origin, Alternate, Next, Gigabyte and Zotac.

Digital Storm Steam Machines is called Bolt II and runs hybrid SteamOS and Windows, some of the eye popping specifications include :-

Fully Modular customisable Slim profile, with the best Overclocked Processors and Graphic cards, Intel i7 4770K and Nvidia 780Ti, and everything is removable in Brackets for easy upgrades.

Disgital Storm Bolt II removable modules

240 mm Liquid cooling system, with an array of sensors to monitor Temperature at various hot-spots to facilitate cooling, with a Radiator based cooling.

Bolt II radiator

This has a slim 4.4" inch wide profile and still will manage to cool it all with top of the line cooling

But to Tell you this thing doesn't come cheap and will be in the range of 3600$.

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