Thursday, 6 February 2014

Moto G on Flipkart sells out, Order fast to get it.

Moto G is selling like it being given away for free, but most of the buyers are disgruntled by the Stocks getting over before they can order the Moto G.

We will tell you how to order Moto G fast from Flipkart without it getting out of stock again :-

1. First add these Links to your Browser Bookmarks :

Moto G on Flipkart 16 GB

Moto G on Flipkart 8 GB

Moto G flip shells and Back covers :-

Moto G back Covers and Flip Covers 

Now keep refreshing these links to see if they are in Stock, and then add them to your Cart beforehand.

2. To order from Flipkart fast without Moto G getting out of stock, you can add Wallet amount to your Account in Flipkart, this way the phone won't get out of stcok in Flipkart as payment gateways take too much time to go through.

3. This way you can order you Moto G fast, by adding it to cart and adding wallet amount. 

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